CoolBitX Joins Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

CoolBitX is pleased to announce that we joined the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) last month. 

The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is one of the leading global industry associations for the blockchain technology ecosystem. The GBBC is a Swiss-based non-profit launched in 2017 in Davos, Switzerland with more than 350 institutional members, and 130 Ambassadors from 76 jurisdictions and disciplines.

The organization is dedicated to furthering the adoption of blockchain through engaging regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers on how to harness this groundbreaking technology to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies. ​

As both lines of blockchain security activities (Sygna and CoolWallet) at CoolBitX have gone from strength to strength, the global regulatory landscape is changing. The year 2022 will likely bring many challenges and opportunities for both our clients and their service providers.

Being part of the GBBC will enable us to access an instant ecosystem through their impressive network of members and ambassadors.

We will be hosting educational webinars and co-publishing topics of interest on blockchain security and what it means to our client segments so be on the lookout for further announcements in our next newsletters.

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