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A Complete Browser Gateway for KYT, Travel Rule, and Sanction Screening Compliance


The Gateway to Evolving AML Compliance

The Gateway to Evolving AML Compliance

Sygna Gate: An Integrated Compliance Solution

We leverage our AML solution implementation experience
One streamlined interface

for multiple solutions

Integrated AML logic

gleaned from Sygna’s experience of streamlining workflows for live VASPs


between different Travel Rule Protocols

Processing Transactions with Compliance Checkpoints

Travel Rule

Sending transfer requests to trusted VASPs

Blockchain Analytics and Sanction Screening

Screening against target wallets and names

Custody Service

Sending transactions to the destination VASP

The Technical Integration Free Travel Rule Solution

Notify by Email

Notify by Email

Browser Dashboard

Browser Dashboard

Batch Import

Batch Import

We help you identify wallets

Distinguish between a VASP and unhosted wallet before each transaction

Take action based on the type of wallet to meet compliance requirements

We help you identify wallets - Sygna

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Step 1

Due Diligence
Online registration through questionnaires

Step 2

Account Setup
Set up integration provider credentials

Step 3

Easy Compliance
Share and screen the required data